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Your Town for Female Empowerment and Entrepreneurship

13th June 2023
at ruhrSUMMIT | Jahrhunderthalle Bochum



As part of the ruhrSUMMIT 2023 metropolitan concept, Gründerallianz Ruhr hosted this year’s town for female empowerment. 

At HERHOOD, we offer female founders and women in leadership a platform to talk about their challenges and solutions, create a safe space to network and enhance the visibility of female role models. True to this year’s motto, PASSION.POWER.PEOPLE, we welcome women with important perspectives on female leadership and entrepreneurship on our HER Stage.

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Female Booster Award

Dr. Shabnam Fahimi-Weber, participant of the Gründerallianz Ruhr x BRYCK: Female Booster was awarded with 5.000 Euro and a membership at encourage ventures for her startup DUBIDOC.

StartUp Sweetheart found

Angel investor and entrepreneur Pamela Kelbch of PDT Invest found her perfect match at HERHOOD. Maja Krishnabhakdi, co-founder of Lucoyo Health convinced Pamela more than expected, so that the two of them will not only have a business dinner to talk, but a complete strategy day with the whole Lucoyo Team!


24.07.2023, 02:17

Stay in touch with HERHOOD moves and get to know other female entrepreneurs, important networkers and like-minded women to discuss the role of female foundership and empowerment in the Ruhr Metropolis. When? August 10th 2023 at Baldeney See in Essen. Sign up here.

30.05.2023, 09:45

It’s officially revealed – Pamela Kelbch, Angel Investor and female entrepreneur is sitting on the other side of the wall, looking for her startup sweetheart. Apply now and get the chance for a business blind date with Pamela Kelbch. More information see above!

22.05.2023, 01:40

Do you need child care during your visit at HERHOOD at the ruhrSUMMIT 2023? Gründerallianz Ruhr initiated CHILDHOOD, powered by ruhrHUB and Techniker Krankenkasse and provided by the female led startup heynannily, to give parents without child care opportunities during the event the chance to be part of ruhrSUMMIT 2023. You only need to chose the option for child care while buying your ticket here.



Alicia Reimer

Projektmanager @ Anthropia

Beate von Miquel

Executive Director of the Marie Jahoda Centre for International Gender Studies

Birthe Bruckhoff

Hub-Manager @ BMR

Can-Su Koutentaki

Co-Founder @ AVAILY

Dr. Britta Julia Dombrowe

Programme Lead Startup Activities @ Initiativkreis Ruhr

Dr. LÉa Steinacker

Co-Founder & CIO @ ada Learning GmbH

Dr. Shabnam Fahimi-Weber

Co-Founder @ DUBIDOC

Jacqueline Kos

Communication Manager @ BRYCK

Janna Prager

Host of #HowSheDidIt

Julia Kahle

Co-Founder @ heynannily

Kevin Kessler

Startup Ecosystem Manager @ Gründerallianz Ruhr

Magdalena Rogl

Lead Diversity & Inclusion @ Microsoft

Martina Schuster

Co-Founder @ ai.dopt

Nina Heine

Co-Founder @ shit2power

Nora Breuker

Founder @ Runaway Redhead

Özge Efendi

Co-Founder @ BliBlaBlub Verlag

Pamela Kelbch

Managing Partner & Angel Investor @ PDT Invest GmbH

Portrait Rebekka Bracht

Rebekka Bracht

Startup Ecosystems & Corporate Partnerships @ Initiativkreis Ruhr

Vanessa Meyer

Co-Founder @ KNOWbody

Vanessa Westphal

Founder @ Choosy


her stage



Dr. Britta Julia Dombrowe, Lead Startup Program Activities | Initiativkreis Ruhr


Keynote: From bold idea to reality – How artificial intelligence is changing us | Dr. Léa Steinacker | Co-Founder & CIO at ada Learning GmbH

Dr. Léa Steinacker will highlight the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and their far-reaching consequences. She uses concrete use cases to show how this type of automation is disrupting workflows and communication, and how important it is to shape this future with diverse perspectives.


#HowSheDidIt | Janna Prager

We are happy to welcome Janna Prager, hosting her popular panel on female success stories from the Startup Ecosystem Ruhr.
until 13:00



KEYNOTE: Emotional Leadership | Magdalena Rogl | Lead Diversity & Inclusion at Microsoft Germany

Awareness of our own and others‘ emotions can make us more successful and happier. For this, we need emotional intelligence – and unlike IQ, we can train our EQ and thus develop resilience. If we as a society and as teams want to make full use of our possibilities and abilities, we have a responsibility to change outdated structures so that all people feel emotionally safe and can use their feelings.

PANEL: How To Create Resilient Female Networks | Dr. Britta Julia Dombrowe

Be it in a social context, such as family or friends, that support us, or on a professional level – everyone relies on resilient networks. But for female founders, building and expanding as well as accessing resilient networks continues to be a hurdle that needs to be overcome. With this panel, we address this challenge and talk about different experiences and approaches.

PANEL: How To Feminize The Startup Ecosystem Ruhr | REBEKKA BRACHT

Although the share of female startups has increased on a national average, we are lagging behind in the Ruhr region: Only 12.1% of startups were led by female founders in 2022, and we are still far from parity on a national level. How can we motivate women in the Ruhr region to be more courageous in founding startups? And how can we make the Ruhr region more accessible to female founders?


Attention to all investors, business angels and corporates! In April five startups are taking part in the Gründerallianz Ruhr x BRYCK: Female Booster to push their startups to the next level, together with experienced mentors and industry experts. On HER Stage they will show off what they are capable of and why you should count them in for the future.

Female Booster Award

With taking part in the Gründerallianz Ruhr x BRYCK: Female Booster, the female led startups have the opportunity to be awarded by the Initiativkreis Ruhr. With celebrating the great final of the Female Booster, the winning startup will be awarded live at ruhrSUMMIT 2023 on HER Stage.

Startup Sweetheart

The slightly different way of match making. You probably remember the famous tv blind dating show. On HER Stage we will give female led startups the chance for a business blind date with a female investor. You think you got the potential? Apply here.


Open Sessions

In our Open Sessions, experienced female founders, investors and experts will be available to answer your questions on the topics of „Start“, „Invest“ and „Grow“. Just drop by at HERHOOD and take a seat in the dedicated slot.



Angelika Klimaszewski

Start-up Consultant @ Bochum Wirtschaftsentwicklung

Janina Ostendorf

Gründerin @ JULES

Doris Kasten

Gründerinnenzentrum @ Stadt Dortmund



Judith Mertens

NRW Bank, Project Manager win NRW.BANK Business Angels Initiative

Svenja Bremer

Founder @ WHO:IN

Tanja Rosendahl

F-LOG Ventures, Managing Director

Linda Erb

Coparion, VC Investment Associate



Ann-Cathrin Sieren

Senior Creative Concept Developer @ BRYCK

Paula Brandt

Founder @ The Impact Leader Company

Joanna Funck

Senior Incubation Manager Venture Lab EMEA @ Niterra Ventures

Natalie Temming

Sales Managerin @ Techniker Krankenkasse



With business models at socially decisive interfaces such as education, social affairs, medicine and health, female startups tie in with traditional topics resulting from the montan industry. As a result, they often deal with challenges that pay into a livable future. In order to carry the founding spirit of the past into the future and to include innovations by women in social, economic and ecological transformation processes, Gründerallianz Ruhr and BRYCK teamed up, to promote female startups with their Gründerallianz Ruhr x BRYCK: Female Booster. 

To give them the stage they deserve, our Female Booster startups will be part of our HERHOOD program at ruhrSUMMIT 2023 and get a chance to show you what they are capable of in their pitches live on HER Stage.

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